The first coffee community token on the Binance Smart Chain to donate toward saving the coffee plant


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100% Fair launch

How It Works


Over half of the Coffee Collective token supply has been burned at launch.

Each transaction adds:

1.  3% to the liquidity pool

2. 3% to token holders, and

3. 3% to save the coffee plant

4. 1% to never ending marketing wallet (Targeting a LARGE coffee market)

The result of this unique combination is exponential growth of the liquidity pool making the token more valuable with each transaction, cause token holder's wallets to hyper grow, and give the coffee charity wallet enough cashflow to save the coffee plant for many generations.


Massive Token Burn

50% of the total CFF token supply has been burned, permanently removing half the supply.


100% Fair Launch

Team has kept 0 tokens and there are no presales.



Coffee Coin community has 0 tolerance for scams. Coffee coin has 100% liquidity locked to make rugpulls impossible.

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Auto Farm CFF Tokens

3% of every transaction is sent directly to CFF token holders. Buy CFF tokens and start earning immediately after purchase.


Continuously Rising Price Floor

3% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in the PancakeSwap CFF/BNB pool, creating an ever rising price floor


Saving the Coffee Plant

3% of every transaction is locked in the charity wallet that donates towards The Coffee World Research for saving the coffee plant


Brandon Black

Director of Operations / Co-Founder


Duke Black

Director of Strategy / Co-Founder


Carolina Garcia

Director of Marketing

The Coffee Plant is in Danger


The coffee plant is threatened by pest, climate change, and disease. Many coffee genetic resources have already been lost as trees die for lack of care and maintenance.

Once a tree dies, if there is no duplicate, its unique genetics are lost forever

The team behind Coffee Coin work with The World Coffee Research Foundation to preserve the future of the coffee plant. In 2017 the WCR has created 10 year global coffee conservation strategy with solid roadmap that will sustain the future of the crop.

The project is currently underfunded but with the help of the CFF token and community we will save the coffee plant from extinction and ensure it is available for many generations.

Coffee Collective Team

Real Team. Real Coffee

100% Pure Colombian Coffee

Order Premium Colombian Coffee from Coffee Collective's Private Farms


Coffee sales are used to buy back Coffee Collective token and donate to charity.


Coffee Collective Premium Colombian Coffee Beans


Coffee Collective Ceramic Coffee Mug

collective bag-PMG2.png

Coffee Collective Limited Edition
Premium Colombian Mountain Coffee

Don't Trust Us
Trust the Blockchain

Coffee Collective will be the first token to track product from our native coffee farms in San Pedro Colombia all the way to the customer's coffee cup. 

Lets revolutionize how coffee is grown, preserved, and treated globally.



Coffee Collective Roadmap


100% Fair Launch Pancake Swap 

We will be launching 100% fairlaunch on PANCAKE SWAP. Check our telegram for updates.

WARNING- Beware of scammers. NO Coffee Collective Tokens are currently for sale! We will list on pancake swap soon.